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About Ormita & Our Reciprocal Trade Network

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Companies often characterize themselves as REVOLUTIONARY, inevitably resulting in an element of corporate chaos. We regard ourselves as EVOLUTIONARY.

Ormita is about putting our clients, licensees, employees and communities in control, so that the value of their collaboration can be fully realized.

So what do we actually do? Simple! We reduce a businesses overheads through offset trade. Every business suffers from excess capacity - whether it is unsold inventory, spare time, empty rooms, extra manufacturing capacity or overstocked goods. Once a business covers its overheads with existing cash customers this excess capacity comes at a higher profit but, unfortunately, it is hard to fill as a business is limited to how much customers it can acquire through existing advertising and referrals. Ormita allows businesses to capitalise on this excess capacity and turn it into essential goods and services that make up a companies every-day budget. We do this in a creative way which also does not restrict cash-flow as every company knows what they will recieve in return before any transactiont akes place.

Our Global Network of our own locations, partners and company owned infrastructure spans 5 continents, 42 countries and 162 locations - making us the largest reciprocal trade, barter exchange, community currency and offset trade business anywhere across the globe.

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