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Earn Full Price for your Unsold Appointment Time

When a business depends on billable hours for profits, every unfilled slot on their appointment calendar represents lost revenue that will never be replaced.

If you are not at 100% capacity twelve months of the year and you can handle new customers then Ormita can help fill your idle time and offset your existing cash costs.

Every company with its own office space and staff has a standard list of goods and services required to make their employees life easy.

Office supplies, tea and coffee, cleaning, repairs and maintenance, printing, office functions, client gifts, entertainment, advertising and more.

Added to this are costs for unplanned capital purchases, family needs, holidays, client give-aways, donations, investments, alterations and expansions.

By becoming a member of Ormita you can offset these overheads against new sales we bring you.

Ensuring You Can Spend

Before we accept a business as a member we ensure that we can provide them with a minimum level of purchases every month through the Ormita system.

These purchases will be offset against sales we bring you on a regular basis.

You can also choose to make purchases over and above your regular commitment and you can offset these against new sales at any time.

Martha Stewart does it. Donald Trump does it. Carl Icahn bought TWA (Transworld Airlines) with it. Now it's your turn.

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