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Expand Your Hire Business

Like most hire companies, you have probably invested a lot into your equipment. Unfortunately, supply sometimes outstrips demand and there may be certain times when you are not at 100% capacity. This idle time cuts directly into your bottom line as profit you can never recover.

Ormita provides hire companies a way to earn revenue from their idle assets and use this income to offset their cash costs.

As with most businesses, you rely on a certain number of sales just to cover your basic overheads: rent, electricity, telephones and wages. Added to this are your costs to acquire more equipment, advertise, reward staff, maintain and repair your assets and pay your accountants and attorneys - to name just a few.

After you have reached a certain level of sales every month any additional income is pure profit. Unfortunately every item not hired out today is profit you are loosing which you will never be able to recover.

The value of DVD’s left on the shelf, cars parked in your yard or machinery lying idle represents the level of profit denied to your business because you lack the additional customers to hire them now.

Ormita offers rental businesses the opportunity to attract new customers who may presently go to your competitor’s business.

These new customers are business owners, like you, who are looking to save cash and trade what they have for what they need. They prefer to deal with companies who accept Ormita as a method of payment and they provide a way to increase your level of income and offset your existing expenses.

Your range of hire products which were previously under utilized, and generating no income at times, will now have higher rate of use and will earn you revenue.

In reality the income earned has cost you nothing except the increased use of your existing assets.

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