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Fill Your Empty Hotel Rooms

Every night over 40% of all hotel and motel rooms across the country sit empty yet the fixed costs of running each of these businesses stays the same.

Ormita offers an exciting way for accommodation providers to exchange their empty rooms for things that you need.

Hotel and motel rooms are a highly perishable commodity. Unfortunately you can never make up lost revenue from an unsold room. Once the date has passed you have missed any opportunity to make money on it.

Short term solutions such as offering last-minute discounts may be quick revenue earners but your business runs the risk that customers will get used to lower prices and become resistant to rate increases.

The choice is often a difficult one. Either you sell your rooms at near cost, risk upsetting your more organized customers and give the market the idea that your rooms are "cheap" - or you leave the room empty.

Ormita offers a new solution to this problem.

Ormita provides you a way to sell your empty rooms in return for needed goods and services, helps you retain your current customers and puts cash in your pocket.

Before buying or selling we work with you to find suppliers who will agree to supply to you via Ormita on an ongoing basis. This “buying schedule” is designed to produce real cash savings every month and provides an assured way of spending.

As a seller, you are being paid in credits towards the goods or services you needs.

When the time comes to spend you make purchases using these credits from within the Ormita system.

Ormita introduces new customers to your establishment, creates referral business, affords you new ways to expand without putting any of your existing cash at risk and lets you buy at a discount.

Offset your cash costs and join Ormita today.

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