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Get Your Event Tickets Sold

When you operate an entertainment venue every empty seat or unsold ticket represents lost revenue that can never be replaced.

Ormita offers an exciting way for your business to exchange your unfilled seats and surplus capacity for things that you need.

If you own an entertainment venue then you know that once your overheads are covered any additional revenue is almost 100% profit – unfortunately it is not always easy to attract this additional business.

Ormita gives you the opportunity to trade your spare capacity for things you need. Offset your existing cash expenses, expand your promotional activities or simply enhance your own lifestyle.


Let’s say that you run an ice-rink which fits 200 people.

At any one time you are only 80% full.

Every session you are loosing an average of 40 sales which you will never be able to recover.

Now imagine filling a certain amount of those same spaces every day with new sales.

Using the revenue generated from these new sales you could offset your existing cash expenses, buy prizes for customers, reward staff, create incentive schemes or embark on new advertising programs to generate more cash business.

There are literally millions of opportunities

Regardless of the type of entertainment venue we guarantee to sell your unsold tickets and reduce your overheads.

Attract additional customers to your venue today and offset a guaranteed fixed amount of your outgoings every month.

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