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More Customers for Automotive Businesses

ormita's recession proof brochure

If you work in the automotive repair industry you know that the value of proper car maintenance is priceless.

Unfortunately, the rising cost of fuel combined with economic uncertainty may result in people forgetting that regular maintenance of their vehicles can save them money on future repairs and keep them running smoothly for many years to come.

If your business has unsold appointment time then Ormita can bring you additional customers to keep your bays full and employees busy.

Our loyal customer base will help contribute directly to your bottom line by creating repeat business, providing you with additional word-of-mouth advertising and increasing your overall profitability.


Your automotive business probably fixed purchases that it makes on a regular basis.

Business supplies, uniforms, cleaning products, repairs and maintenance, equipment leases, docket books, rags, staff functions, promotions, advertising, tea and coffee and more.

Added to this are costs for unplanned capital purchases, family needs, holidays, client give-aways, donations, investments, alterations and expansions.

Ormita helps replace these expenses with income earned from new sales that we bring you.

By trading for thousands of dollars of purchases every month you will be able to keep more cash in the bank.

Using Ormita - the overhead costs of creating additional business is covered and you earn credits which you can use to offset those regular expenses that just won’t go away – no matter how much you want them to.

We even work with you on a budget so you know what costs can be offset immediately and how much in new sales Ormita will bring.

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