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  1. Selling with Ormita
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  5. Promote Your Business
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Promote Your Business

Ormita will promote your business online, via email, in its directory and via SMS to its members:

how ormita promotes

How you can help spread the word!

  1. Pay others using Ormita
  2. Remind others how spending Ormita is cheaper and better than spending cash!
  3. Put our logo on your website
  4. Mention us in your email signature
  5. Put a link to us on your website
  6. Print out a Ormita sign and stick it on your wall
  7. Tell friends and family
  8. Pay your children in Ormita
  9. Get quotes from businesses and always remember to ask if they accept Ormita
  10. Donate some Ormita to charity
  11. Blog about us
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